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No big deal.' Police and firefighters were on the scene near the intersection of East 23rd Street and the FDR Drive after the plane went down.It hit the water 300 yards from the East 23rd Street pier, according to reports.Together with Mick, Nate traveled through time, using his skills as a historian to find the locations and time periods in which different members of the Legends team were stranded. He graduated and earned a Ph D, becoming a historian who specialized in historical reconstruction and deduction, calling himself a "time detective".After being injected with a biomolecular enhancer created by Eobard Thawne and modified by Ray Palmer, Nate gained the ability to transform his skin into steel, making him extremely strong and resilient. He observed the past and current events of Earth One, with special interest in vigilantes, as shown by him deducing the identities of the Green Arrow and all members of Rip Hunter's team, identifying them as "the Legends" and figuring out their appearances in the past from research and overview of historical artifacts and written sources.An NYPD harbor boat was dispatched to the scene and extricated the passengers from the plane, WNBC-TV reported. DEVELOPING: Officials say passengers had to be helped off a seaplane that had a hard landing in the East River. pic.twitter.com/Z3LCUDNi Ca— Spectrum News NY1 (@NY1) July 21, 2017There is no word as to why the plane did not reach its destination.

With the help of Oliver Queen, he was able to locate the submerged Waverider in 2016, waking Mick Rory from time stasis.

The Legends tried to negotiate with the JSA but they insisted on taking them into custody with Nate being knocked out by Commander Steel with a punch.

Imprisoned by the JSA, Nate revealed exactly who they were to the rest of the team though Commander Steel thought they were Nazi spies.

Einstein happily obliged, making Mileva's support of his research public, and thus prompting the United States government to safeguard them both.

Nate listened to Einstein's speech with wonder and adoration, barely able to believe that they changed history for the better.

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