Updating sony bdp s301

If you have it connected to an analog TV, then you need to toggle through your TV inputs as well. Go to the wed site and download the latest Firmware update to your computer. The use a disc burning software like Nero or Cyberlink's Power2Go and go to "Burn Image to Disc" and burn it on a regular CD-R. That's normal, just give time for the manufacturer to release an even newer Firmware update to play them.

Insert that to your player after turning it on and let it do its thing, it will take a while so don't power down thinking it froze or it will mess up your player. Just one of the things we have to live with for the sake of 1080P.

Netflix is a streaming service that runs as an application on an internet capable smart tv or similar device.

Choices for stand-alone hardware include "Apple TV" "Google Chrome" they will connect to your tv and your wifi to stream content. If you have Sony Play Station or Xbox they also have Netflix apps.

I believe there are no less than 10 caps in that circuit you need to look at.

All electrolytic and all can be potential troublemakers.

After the update is done, your player will re-start. If the fuse(s) check out OK, and the unit is showing no other signs of life I'd say you have a faulty switch mode power supply circuit - the best place to start is by checking all the electrolytic capacitors in it (look for any that have ruptured or are bulging on top and replace them with new caps of the same value and voltage if possible), then progress from there.

Assuming the failure hasn't taken any other components out, re-capping may fix the problem but if the PSU has an IC regulator, it might be worth checking that as well.

If you're dead set on getting a standard-design Blu-ray player, as opposed to a game console, and don't want to spend a lot of money, the BDP-S300 is certainly a compelling product.

Even after the upgrade to 4.20 I am having this problem. Removing the standby electrical current for a while sometimes resets the unit. Denon AVR-887 Klipsch RP-5 Pwred Towers (mains) (525 watts peak each 12"Subs) All Klipsch RC-25(ctr),(2)SS1(surr),(2)SS1(rear Surr) Toshiba (2)HD-A20, PS3, BD35 For SACD/DVD-A Samsung HD-841 Panny 50pz80u plasma It sounds like a drive problem, but try unplugging it for a couple of hours and see if this solves the problem.

Also while playing DVD discs the video is very choppy at times, and will freeze and reset to the disc menu. Removing the standby electrical current for a while sometimes resets the unit.

This is either connected through your HDMI or component video cable input on your HDTV.

You need to toggle through your inputs on your TV to the proper one where your BD Player is connected through.

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