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If that is not possible, even a box that tells the user to attach the backup disk and then press "ok" to begin backup would be good. Your software is a great help in ensuring I don't lose all the wedding photo-editing work I do each day! Upon testing, it appears to me that when a file is modified, it is not always reflected in the log that the modified file was moved. For example, if I want to collect all of the *files from the source tree and placed them in a single destination folder.Hey there, First of all, Create Synchronicity (CS) is awesome. I had previously only backed up every two weeks or so, other than new RAW files, so have lost two weeks work at time on three occasions when hard drives have failed! Then you can backup that folder and easily find a missing file. Funciona perfeitamente, como quando usava no Windows 7 Pro 64.Today (1st day of August), I had my 8 GB flash drive connected to this PC and at one moment the data just disappeared from it.They were replaced by fraction of files from drive E:.Windows assigned drive letter H: to my flash drive.

I'm force to wait that the first is finish before launching the second one. I have defined several profiles to avoid to backup unnecessary files (like and in the development folders) but I don't know how to run all these profile at once. This causes me to have to guess which folders I need to delete from the backup set to fit onto the external drive. I replaced the bad drive, synced back to it, and was up and running again within a day. The pup is a self contained executable and it works in a windoze environment stand alone with a GUI! One Request: I wonder if would be possible to leave everything backed up in only one compressed file and when checks for changes make another compressed file with only changed files/folders since last full backup.Now i want to reverse the action to get my new data. It has everything I could ever want -simple, small, powerful and effective! My files are syncing very well on a mapped network drive (FTP via webdav I think), but somehow copying .htaccess files end up in errors. I am trying to back up data from a NTFS disk to an ex FAT one and I would like the "last modified" date of directories to be preserved.For example, I would like to synchronizing only all and files from whole C: drive but program synchronizing empty folders which don't contain and files too. :) I don't know it's bug or something other but unchecking "Replicate empty directories" feature don't work for me.Program synchronizing folders that don't contain specified file types. I don't have that much free time these days so I haven't been implementing too many new features, but that's in line with Create Synchronicity's simplicity goal anyway.

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Would be awesome if Create Synchronicity could also backup all the locked open files. I do not want to backup these, so they must be excluded.

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