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You can say the words “casual” or “no strings attached” until you’re blue in the face, but at the end of the day, sex is still an incredibly intimate act!

You can go into it with the best of intentions or the most progressive of beliefs, but you can’t always prevent feelings from cropping up.

It sounds like casual sex hasn’t been working out for you in the way that you would like it to.

Right from the get-go, tell your sexual partners that you’re only interested in casual sex and have no desire to be in a relationship.

You’ve developed some good self-awareness — you now know that having sex with someone tends to make you feel attached.

You can use this information the next time you find yourself in that situation.

If you don’t want to get into a relationship right now, don’t do anything relationship-y!

Don’t go out on dates, don’t spend the night, don’t send cutesy text messages saying “thinking of you.” Of course you want to treat your sexual partner with kindness and respect, but don’t do the types of things you would do with a boyfriend.

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