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In more recent years, toy/model Eagles have been manufactured by other companies, including Product Enterprise and Iconic Replicas.An American toy company Mattel also produced a large Eagle transporter ship toy which came with three figures accessories and other attachments like a winch and weapons rack.The command module also has an escape hatch as revealed in the episode "Devil's Planet", although it is unknown whether this is an original design feature or an adaptation that was designed by Moonbase Alpha.The command module of the Eagle can detach from the main body as seen in the episode "Dragon's Domain" enabling it to dock with another compatible craft or for use as an emergency escape capsule. Several types could be used, depending on the mission.The first edition Freighters came with the main Eagle painted a more correct white, while the waste container carrying pod was painted red.In later editions the Freighter Eagle was changed to blue with a white pod.The Transporter retained the incorrect green/white colour combination for the entire run.

The special effects team worked in Bray Studios, a separate studio away from where the live action filming took place.The Eagle became an iconic design in the 1970s, and inspired toys and model kits from various manufacturers.Between 19, Dinky Toys manufactured two well-detailed die-cast Eagle toys, each with different modules and colouring.The episode "War Games" suggests that only seven of Alpha's many Eagles are armed at that time.It is demonstrated in the series that Eagles were primarily designed for transport, reconnaissance and scientific surveys.

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