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It’s a massive compendium of the dirty tricks and covert actions (including coups, assassinations, subverted elections, proxy wars, death squads, torture, drug running) done by a completely immoral, secret, criminal, rogue agency (but with the approval of the President and Congress). (South End Press, Boston, 2000, 204 pages.) Interviews with David Barsamian.

It's not much use without an index, unless you just want to browse through it for ideas.(Praeger, New York, 1984, 549 pages, illustrated with 43 photographs.) The book begins with an excellent 62-page introductory history of the decade by the editors. Massimo Teodori, editor, (Mc Call, New York, 1970, 249 pages), with essays by Irving Howe, Michael Harrington, Richard Lowenthal, Paul Goodman, David Spitz, Lewis Coser, Michael Walzer, Allen Braubard, Henry Pachter, Brendan Sexton, Eugene Genovese, Robert Brustein, Theodore Draper, and Erazim Kohak.The selected papers are divided into six sections: Prophetic Visions/Formative Ideas, the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements, Students for a Democratic Society, The Anti-War Movement, The Counterculture, and Women’s Rebellion. (Verso, London, 2002, 342 pages.) Ali provides historical background and contemporary assessment of Islam, the Middle East, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Palestine, and Israel.I've fixed those up a bit for the first few pages, through Arditti.Anyway, I'll post it for whatever use it may be to those who like bibliographies.

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