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In this jungle around us she protects me, like the lion's mother. "When he died [of a massive heart attack, in November 1991], I had a moment of grief that lasted about five minutes. Because he caused us too much pain." The aftermath of all this lends itself to the pattest of Freudian analyses: Nastassja, after all, was 27 years younger than Polanski when they met; 14 years younger than her husband when they married, in 1984; 28 years younger than Quincy Jones when she went off with him in 1992. And of course any kid that doesn't have a father looks for approval and elements of fatherhood in other people.

When we talk, it's total ecstasy." Now, though, they don't speak. At 39, does she still need father figures as directors, lovers, friends? But, no, I can't say that people I've been with are like father figures." (Her ex-husband, Ibrahim Moussa, would seem to disagree: "She never wanted to marry me," he has said.

Still, many actresses have children when they're 23 and pursue super-stardom as relentlessly as they did before their pregnancy. "I never had a family," she says, "and what I always wanted was my family.

And now that I had little kids, that's what I wanted to do: to be there. That hasn't happened." But did she never see him again?

ok thats all i am saying on this thing if you want to know more then ask lol I'm the mother of a two year old little boy and I basically hang out with him all day. like to relax at home, listen to music or catch something good on tv. I enjoy going out to the movies, and to places like parks, and lakes.

I never go out or anything so I'm looking for someone to date and go out with when I have free time. Single, No kids but however, I do want some in the future. I'm a plus size female that is outgoing and very outspoken.

Umm I am not very good telling about myself but here goes... if you like what you have read or will like to know more about me...

I was raised in the country :) I have no kids but i definatly want some and i have had enough drama for one life time thank you, so I guess it goes without saying i dont do games. which I will accomplish(: I'm looking for that special someone that will be my best friends and my lover.. or spare of the moment road trips just someone that I will enjoy being with and around. please dont hesitate I WILL ALWAYSS RESPOND NO MATTER WHAT!! Iwould consider myself to be faithful and honest first and foremost.

I Love to have fun wether it be mudding or camping lol fishing or just driving backroads:) The way I see it you can have fun without brakin your wallet lol. Someone who will talk to me on the phone about anything and everything..:) Oh I do have tattoos and I love them. just moved back to texas from montana I'm afraid I'm not good at talking about myself. I love: books, movies (especially horror movies), percussion instruments, foreign languages, monsters, children, animals, dinosaurs, aliens, body mods, thrift stores, crystals, collages, poetry, makeup, wearing costumes, acting, color, fashion, cherubs, nudity, Tim Burton, toys, collecting things, Japanese anime,candles, antiques, plushies, photography, and all things related to spiritualism, the paranormal, and the occult. I believe that in any relationship there has to be trust or you have no foundation to build on.

And not not be there." And not not be there – like her father and, in reality, her mother, Biggi. "No, I wrote him a long letter, but I didn't see him. That's why I know so many doctors – I know more doctors and nurses than I can think.

Kinski used once to rhapsodise about her relationship with her mother: "She's like the sun coming up to me. I told him what I thought in the letter – a long letter." What she thought may have been bilious, but what she had hoped for was different: "I always thought, 'Maybe later, maybe later he'll come back,' and later never came,"she has said. Any kind of person who has authority that gives the impression of care; you know, of caring that you exist.

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No other director, ever, ever." But it's pity, really, to disown the story, I say; it's such a good put-down.

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