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("Didn't read it," comments the nonfiction Styles, "but I hope he gets more than me.")But at the height of One D–mania, Styles took a step back. He's lived here off and on for the past few years, always returning to London.For many, 2016 was a year of lost musical heroes and a toxic new world order. Styles' car stereo pumps a mix of country and obscure classic rock.It was in a London studio in late 2014 that Styles first brought up the idea of One Direction taking a break."I didn't want to exhaust our fan base," he explains.Fans were traumatized by the band's decision, but were let down easy with a series of final bows, including a tour that ran through October.Styles remains a One D advocate: "I love the band, and would never rule out anything in the future.

The monkey was rescued by German authorities later that year, and taken to a zoo, where he now lives. by Ari Bines Last night, the 24th cycle of America's Next Top Model aired on VH1. C., and my plus-size savior, Ashley Graham was still on panel, repping for the big bitches like me. by Caroline Phinney I know this sounds like a fucking Glee plot-line, but the conspirators of the internet have spoken and for once they're absolutely right.The fame visited upon Harry Styles in his years with One D was a special kind of mania.With a self-effacing smile, a hint of darkness and the hair invariably described as "tousled," he became a canvas onto which millions of fans pitched their hopes and dreams.After the pair were spotted together at a concert in New York earlier this month, fans started to link the pair together – and sources say they are in the “early stages” of their relationship. Camille is French-American and was discovered in Paris when she was 18, moving to New York three years later to focus on her modelling career, before relocating to Los Angeles.However, Camille posted THIS short video to her Insta story yesterday and Hazza fans are claiming the voice you hear in the background 100% belongs to their boy Mr Styles. As well as Victoria’s Secret, Camille has modeled for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Abercrombie & Fitch, Dior and Playboy and appeared on magazine covers including Vogue Paris, Elle and Marie Claire.

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