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Howard said he was going to bed and he put a fortune into this TV system he has in his house. They played a bunch and then Howard said when they get back they'll turn to the guys. He said he had people over one time and he wasn't able to watch the TV. He said he's going to hire Stephen Hawking to run his stuff. Howard said he has to turn to the panel after a break. Howard asked Gary to clear his throat because Fred was playing clips of him doing that. Howard said he was constantly hit with Benjy on the news over the weekend. Howard said they don't make movies like this anymore. He said they talk about his music but don't play any of it. Howard said they were doing the commercial for a while and he didn't think it would be good but it was a great movie.

There are 8 oz in a cup, so 64/6 = 10 to 11 oz, or 1 cup 2 tbsp. For the first colour into the pan, measure out 2/3 to 3/4 of your mix (in this case about 1 c) as close to the middle as you can.

Robin said they have 8 Days a Week and they have music in that. Jason said the review says they try to play fake Bowie music in that documentary to trick you. He had a clip of Dave singing a song about being mistaken for Santa Claus. Howard said Sarah Silverman, Benjy, Perez Hilton, Michael Rapaport, High Pitch Erik and more will be part of this too.

Howard said the one good moment in that was when Rick Wakeman was playing some music on the piano. Howard said they have the guys in there with the panel of bits. Howard said Ronnie the Limo Driver, JD, Scott Salem, Joe Buck, Brent Hatley, Insane Clown Posse, Sal, Richard, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and more will be part of it. Howard played some of Robin's new Christmas song album.

am Show opening bits and songs included: A phony phone call to an internet radio show using clips of Howard Stern talking about Tula the transsexual, a ''The Godfather'' movie clip, the Fab Faux performing ''I Am the Walrus'' in the Howard Stern Show studio, High Pitch Erik announcing they have Alec Baldwin coming in today. He said he can't think of any adult who calls themselves Benjy. Howard played a compilation of snow storm Benjy mentions in the news. He said Fred wrote him over the weekend about a David Bowie documentary and he thought it was horrible. He said that they had no money to license the Bowie music so they have a bunch of people performing Bowie songs.

Howard said he invited the guys in to help clean up the computers again. Howard said Alec Baldwin is coming in and he's got a new book coming out. Howard said someone made this movie and it probably took years.

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As a recap, this is so both layers are roughly the same size. Just mix the pudding mix in with the whipped topping for a few minutes. Frost your fat-free cake with your fat-free whipped frosting. Edit 1 (one week later) No children were harmed in the making nor consumption of this cake. That said, 1/12 of this recipe, (2 box mixes 16 oz whipped topping 2 oz or so pudding mix) works out to 10 points a slice.

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