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Luckily I am alone in my house until , so I can guest you for a dinner, an evening, a drink.

We could eat an italian dinner and a british dinner, we could drink italian red wine or english beer, we can drink us, our stories, our hairs, our eyes.

As he walked past her she noted the wild prof hair and decided to ruffle it... I felt in yout eyes your difficoult beauty, your merry pain, a long story and I feel I would know her, with you.

She didn't give him her number but decided that because he wanted the pic she emailed it instead. I wet myself laughing and then thought, hurrah i am not the only one who attracts nutter.

Until now, Newsom hasn't appeared to be an acolyte of L.

None of the charges against the cops has anything to do with the deadly shootout itself.

I don't have facebook, but I hope we will meet part from rest of world in my house, and if you will want, in Brighton, my favourite english town, where the young is for ever, but in an intelligent way, as your eyes.

Please answer me, don't oppose to destiny, I don't know you but I feel you, u fell good, and If you want, I will know something 's good and I will share something's strong and quiet, with u, soon?

The decided to have a game of darts and chat and the evening was going on Jolly smoothly as one would expect after drinking 7 bottles of prosecco between 4. I' m sorry for my english, for my public shyness, but altough I don't know you, still I feel you and I felt you yesterday evening.

Anyway my funny friend being the nutter that she is decided to have a bit of tom foolery with a mad professor look alike. I felt you are an excessive, shy, hard person and I know so much about you because We are both excessive, hard people.

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