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Other sites will suggest matches that might work and generally keep the process going, even if there are no obvious matches.

One drawback to the profile maker is that if e Harmony does not like your answers, you will be told they have no matches for you and you can’t move any further.

It is difficult to gauge the potential dating pool at e Harmony because you will only see matches selected for you by the service, and these are limited to about nine at any one time.

You can receive matches before paying the membership fee, but you must pay to see photographs.

Along with information about yourself, you will also define your "must haves" and "can’t stands." You choose from intangibles like "verbal intimacy" and "spirit of volunteerism" for required traits and from a host of negatives like "hypocrites," "flirts" and "television junkies" for deal breakers.

If you rush through questions, e Harmony will not let you proceed with the profile.

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