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I went to Young Women's one Sunday and the Young Women's president pulled me aside (because I hadn't been coming very regularly) and said, "You're the reason that young women in this ward are going to leave the church.

You're a terrible example of what a "Bishop's daughter" should be." Right then and there I made up my mind that I was done. The next Sunday my parents came into my room before church to get me up to get ready, I politely let them know (as politely as teenagers are at that age) that I would no longer be joining them at church and to please not ask me again.

The demographics at the table: two married (not to each other), and three never-married or divorced.I was being horribly treated by men, dating guys who took complete advantage of me, and didn't respect me, but why would they? I didn't like who I was, nor did I even really know who I was. He wouldn't allow me to speak with anyone in my family, he wouldn't allow me to do Real Estate (which is the career I had chosen for my life), and he controlled every aspect of my life. But the worst thing he did was he made me believe that I was worthless.I was drinking all the time, I was partying with guys much older than me, and I even got a tattoo (not saying tattoo's are bad, I just got mine in a act of rebellion.) Life was depressing and hard, and getting harder. He made me believe that I was lucky I had him because no man in their right mind would ever love me.I left the church at age 14 when my Dad was Bishop of my home ward.At 13 my Grandmother died, and I became very bitter and hateful towards God.

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