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True hospitality is making someone feel among family in your home or parish. As summer begins, it is helpful to better understand its meaning.

In biblical times, hospitality was far more than simply being friendly or polite, it was both a duty and an act of mercy. Travelling in the Holy Land was quite dangerous at the time.

If either of them refused to fulfill their obligations, they committed a significant breach of honor.

The Globe exposé, which detailed abuse cases that numbered in the thousands over a span of several decades, inspired other victims to come forward, leading to an avalanche of lawsuits and criminal prosecutions.

Though the allegations spanned decades and the extent of his crimes were known to church officials, it was only in 2006 that the Vatican forced Maciel, one of its most powerful clergymen, to retire from active ministry.

God instructed His people to leave some food in the fields at harvest time, enough to feed orphans, widows, and resident aliens.

The Lord explained, “For, remember, you were slaves in Egypt, and the Lord, your God, redeemed you from there; that is why I command you to do this” (Our own modern Western traditions of hospitality are quite informal.

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