Bob jones university banning interracial dating snl im dating your dad

Just three years ago, the media was haranguing Bob Jones for its interracial dating ban and its description of Catholicism as a cult.Reacting to the attention, the college lifted the dating ban in March 2000, and last year, several alumni set up the minority scholarship fund.

Big nota bene: When students here “date,” none of the standard lovey stuff is involved.

Do not even try to get past the lobby of the dorm of the opposite sex. Tall, good-looking, and gregarious, he seems fated for Big Man on Campusdom. He knows that many students at Bob Jones have never been around black people before.

He flirts with the girls, shoots hoops with the guys, and volunteers for the ex-slave theatrical parts. Tending to represent the most fundamentalist of the fundamentalists, many BJUers were homeschooled, and most of the rest attended predominantly white churches and Christian schools in non-urban areas.

“I’m going to get asked on a lot of outings because of the curiosity factor,” he says.

Religion is one of the most racially divided areas of American life.

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As Schimri goes about his classroom and extra-curricular rounds, he carries the weight of a lot of expectations and symbolism from both sides of the color divide. Katie, a sophomore broadcasting major, joins Schimri in line. Schimri takes two glasses of chocolate milk, a plate of noodles topped by an immovable, gelatinous white sauce, and a slice of white bread. Schimri got scolded by his dorm supervisor for not making his bed.

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