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Whether through coincidence or fate, their lives are now inextricably intertwined and their destinies changed forever.

The Bijuu had a fail-safe to protect themselves from Akatsuki, but they weren't meant to lay there dormant long enough for the world to change so drastically.

When it looks like it is the end for Harry, an unexpected event makes Harry's life even more complicated than it was before. Meanwhile, in Remnant, his teammates still don't understand why he disappeared out of nowhere and without a trace.Ben finds himself in a strange lab and hears the sounds of a baby crying, being the hero he is he decided to save the child form her mother, the witch Medusa!Now Ben happily accepts his responsibilities as a Both a Hero and a Parent!But they certainly weren't expecting Loki to pop up on Earth with a bunch of refugee Asgardians, the Hulk, and a Valkyrie. Over the waters of Manhattan, a living weapon is reduced to a puddle of liquid flesh by nuclear fire.In another world, a princess calls for the one who is to be her familiar.

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In addition, many stronger enemies also have enhanced senses, meaning that her canary cry would be absolutely lethal)Nightcrawler (X-men)- Pawn (Nightcrawler is capable of teleportation, making him able to move into enemy territory and promote early on, as well as having the most maneuverability in the field)Blair (Soul Eater)- Pawn (Her ability to use magic as well as transform into a smaller form makes her a desirable piece, not only that, but the ability of her to have to be killed 9 times before she can die is OP and unexpected, giving her opponents a very unexpected surprise.)Nero (Devil May Cry)- Pawn (His abilities with the devil bringer are powerful, and each new demon he defeats gives him a slight boost in skill. Join Yang as she fights Grimm and demons, tackles homework and tests, and falls for… At the first task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament Harry sees his chance to strike down his enemies - and takes it. But can Harry Potter, now head of Team HPIN, make a difference? Harry Potter's wish was simple; he wants a true family to care him, comfort him, and love him. After resurrecting her, he finds that Bambietta is actually from Karakura Town and she has family there.

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